Mackworth House is a school for autistic pupils.  Our pupils require personal levels of support to be able to stay safe, free from harm and be able to engage and enjoy learning.  Our pupils rely on the relationships they build with staff members to be able to function and manage in everyday life and this increases their level of vulnerability.      

Mackworth House School is a safeguarding community where: 

Every pupil's safety is our top priority and we are committed to ensuring that all their welfare needs are met. 

In Practice

1) All visitors MUST report to reception, sign in and wear ID badges at all times.

2) A visitors badge can be requested to confirm identity at ANY time. 

3) All staff and regular visitors are DBS and qualification checked and updated as necessary.

4) Implementation of the relevant policies and ensuring all staff (supply, volunteer or permanent) adhere to these.

5) All visitors are given an induction upon arrival.

The designated safeguarding leads are Alan Buckley (Head Teacher) and Clemency Al-Toma (Occupational Therapist).

Download our current safeguarding policy here: MHS Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy April 2019

For more information and please read Keeping Children Safe in Education: Statutory Guidance for Schools and Colleges


Please report any safety concerns to: