About Us

Our Mission

To provide high-quality personalised education and support for children and autistic young people.

Our Aims

To provide each pupil with the opportunity to express their needs, learn and enhance the existing and new skills they will need in preparing for adult life within a safe, stimulating, happy and caring environment.

The School Ethos:

  • All pupils:

    • Have the right to feel safe and free from harm
    • Are unique individuals who have the right to make informed decisions about their lives and where it might lead
    • Will be given the opportunity to actively make a difference to the school by having a say in how it develops
    • Will have the chance to use their skills to help others and have their opinions and choices respected
    • Will be treated as equals in their community by joining in with events, using local facilities and making friends
    • Will have education and care planned around their interests and strengths
    • Will have meaningful and achievable outcomes that are agreed by the child, parents/carers, school staff, and relevant professionals
    • Will have an educational programme that will adapt and evolve with their changing needs and interests


    All staff:

    The provision of appropriate, experienced and trained staff is at the core of our provision.  To ensure that this is of the highest standard we will:

    • Employ staff who have the right values and attitudes to provide personalised education, support, and care.
    • Employ staff after a rigorous recruitment and selection process in line with the Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education guidelines.
    • Ensure that the skills and experience of each member of staff are matched to the education and care needs of each pupil.
    • Ensure all roles will impact upon pupils learning, progress, and achievement
    • Ensure that all staff training needs are identified and updated.
    • Provide nutritional and healthy meals in line with the healthy school's policy and cater for pupils’ special diets
    • Provide each pupil with a highly trained and consistent team that provides the residential care and educational support they require.
    • Provide person-centred planning enabling us to gain a thorough understanding of each pupil and provide a support package that meets individual learning needs to maximise potential and aid progression.

Our school

Mackworth House School is a mixed gender independent specialist school that provides education and care for pupils between the ages of 6 to 19 with a diagnosis of autism.  Mackworth House can accommodate a total of 18 pupils, with up to 8 placements being on a 38-week residential basis. Consideration will be given on an individual basis about the mix of age and gender of any children when they are admitted to the school. 

Our pupils

All pupils will have an Education Health Care Plan identifying the requirements for provision to help them achieve their outcomes.  Individual pupils may be verbal or pre-verbal and may require support to get their needs understood.  Some pupils may experience and require help with extreme anxiety in particular environments and may display a range of behaviours to reduce stress.  Prior knowledge, initial assessments, and experiences of working with an individual pupil will ascertain that a traditional classroom-based education is not appropriate and the need for an individualised structured, motivating and stimulating environment is required. 

Our staff

Our highly dedicated, experienced and trained Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Therapy Team support pupils one to one with each pupil or in small groups to design, implement and review individual learning programmes.

All staff members undergo a substantial training programme to ensure they have the skills, knowledge, and techniques to provide an exciting, fun and motivating learning environment for all the pupils at Mackworth House School.