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Teaching Methods

Mackworth House is an innovative school delivering  individualised educational packages taught on a one to one basis. We believe that a child’s education should be driven by their personal needs and that the best way for a child to learn is by harbouring  their own interests as a vehicle for their development. 

"We believe the best way to teach children what they need to know is by using the things they like the best."

With autism this can become a necessity, seldom achieved in a normal classroom environment and our philosophy is to teach students on a one to one basis according to their individual goals. Group activities will also be promoted to teach social awareness.

Our five curriculum managers have a small caseload of students each to allow them to work intensively with individuals, and they oversee an experienced team of Teaching Assistants who implement the designed programmes under supervision. Directed learning happens at every opportunity in the children’s lives at Mackworth House School, in the school building, in the school grounds, in the countryside, in the community and during group activities. In this way we can ensure that our students experience consistent structured supported learning.

Person Centered strategies are used to formulate an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and this central document covers every aspect of the child’s care and education and is updated daily. Supporting our students to self-manage in a variety of situations and environments forms the core of our behaviour and emotional support programmes which underpin the success of any IEP.   The IEP is reviewed regularly by teaching and learning staff and the Curriculum Manager will implement any changes and re-set targets as appropriate. A formal review (formative assessment) of each programme takes place every three months ensuring that each child’s education remains dynamic and changes according to their needs and the progress that they make.  This ensures that our students are personally involved in their own support strategies and are constantly learning how to become more independent.

Mackworth House School employs the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® methodology and embeds its principles in to all areas of the curriculum, school culture, policies, procedures and practices.  PROACTSCIPr-UK® involves a positive approach to behaviour management through the use of proactive responses, active and reactive strategies.  Gaining an understanding of individual students through the analysis of behaviours will provide information about reasons and triggers and the most effective support strategies to use.

All teaching  is augmented by the use of communication systems such as TEACCH & PECS by working closely with speech and language therapists.