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Student Success and Achievements

Academic Performance

At Mackworth House School all children and young people will be following an individualised learning programme to suit and meet their needs in addressing the skills and knowledge that is required to be gained in preparation for adult life.

Students will follow the national curriculum, p level assessment framework or vocational curriculum and targets and goals set are tracked through the learning activities designed within the individualised learning programme.  As a school we will track learning against the following key curriculum areas and provide written progress reports on a termly and annual basis that will be sent ot parents/carers:

  • English 
  • Maths
  • Science
  • ICT
  • Personal, Social and Health Education
  • Citizenship

Written in to all programmes are the opportunities for students to be able to experience and practice design and technology, human and social education, physical and creative study.

Some of our students may work towards qualifications and examinations, and progress against these will be reported on an annual basis.