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Our Accommodation and Facilities

School Building

The school building is a state of the art purpose built facility and houses a number of stimulating and interesting spaces.  Although the rooms can be used as multi-purpose areas, we have given each room a particular theme which is used to deliver the diverse curriculum we offer to all our students at Mackworth House School.

The rooms are as follows:

  • Sensory exploration suite
  • Creative arts workshop
  • Music workshop
  • Training kitchen
  • Gym
  • Library
  • Living area and dining room
  • OT Suite


Our garden has been designed to provide a range of activities that students can explore and engage in and we have developed the space into distinct areas.  

We have included:

  • Adventure play area
  • Swings
  • Balance beams
  • Outdoor games
  • Open playing space
  • School allotment

At the back of our school garden there is a large open green space which we will have access to for playing games and exploring the environment.