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Our Motivating and Reinforcing Curriculum

At Mackworth House School, we  run a curriculum which is flexible to the individual needs of our students in both its aim and its delivery. With resource rooms rather than classrooms, we bring structured learning into every aspect of our students lives and provide a truly holistic programme for their development into adulthood.

Each of our children are supported on a minumum 1:1 basis.  Our students work closely with  team of Teaching Assistants and a Curriculum Manager (qualified teacher) who focus entirely on meeting the needs of each individual child.

The Aim of Our School Curriculum

We aim to teach children to:

  • Develop and use communication, language and literacy
  • Interact and communicate with a range of people
  • Build and sustain relationships
  • Express need and make preferences and choices
  • Learn from and explore a range of experiences
  • Increase understanding and knowledge about the environment and world we live in
  • Participate in academic, physical and social activities
  • Manage behaviour and emotions

Our Curriculum is designed around five areas:


This is the largest area of the curriculum where learning  takes place in the school building, in communal areas or out in the community.  Our students learn skills  associated with  home management, daily routines and independent living. Regular use of the community is also a key feature, where skills such as money management, use of public transport, using local facilities and shopping are taught.

Academic & Vocational

Students are taught at an appropriate level according to their individual ability and make choices out of a range of subjects offered up to Level 3. The National Curriculum subjects of English, Mathematics and Science are embedded through all areas of our curriculum.

Physical Education

Our PE programme includes activities ranging from outdoor pursuits in the nearby Derbyshire Dales, (including Duke of Edinburgh) to indoor games, swimming, exploring the local environment and rebound therapy.


Our students use the multi sensory suite, the  garden, the resource rooms, communal areas and training kitchen to learn to relax, stay healthy, to engage in therapies and multi-sensory activities and religious studies as appropriate. Therapies are run by commissioned professionals such as physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, and clinical psycholigists.  Our Speech and Language Therapist work with students to devise systems of communication to be used throughout the students daily life.  Our Occupational Therapist work with pupils to embed regulation and calming techniques and plan for sensory integration throughout the curriculum.  Our Clinical Psychologists work alongside our students and staff team to support children with behaviour and emotional understanding.

Creative Studies

The school has dedicated art and music spaces and specialist curriculum staff qualified to teach in these areas. Under guidance from our experienced teachers, students are encouraged to work independently in order to find new powers of expression and communication.

The National Curriculum:

The Key Skills of the national curriculum are taught within each curriculum area or activity as appropriate:

  • Communication (including reading and writing)
  • Application of Number
  • IT
  • Working with others
  • Improving your own learning & performance
  • Problem Solving
  • Making choices

Embedded Opportunities:

During the delivery of the curriculum, students are given regular opportunities to engage with PSHE, citizenship and spiritual, moral and social understanding needed to develop into mature individuals.

Our students engage in ICT throughout their everyday learning and opportunities to use a variety of resources are embedded into each child’s learning programme. Where appropriate, students may have a personalised iPad™ containing communication aids and other software according to their own needs . Our multi sensory suite is user controlled by Sensor Floor™ technology and Show Magic™ software allowing students to design and control this stimulating environment using ICT no matter what their level of ability