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About Us

Our Mission

To provide high quality personalised education and support for children and young people with autism.

Our Aims

To provide each child and young person with the opportunity to express their needs, learn and enhance the existing and new skills they will need in preparing for adult life within a safe, stimulating, happy and caring environment.

The School Ethos:

All of ouy children and young people:

  • Have the right to feel safe and free from harm

  • Are unique individuals who have the right to make informed decisions about their life and where it might lead

  • Should be given the opportunity to actively make a difference to the school by having a say in how it develops

  • Should have the chance to use their own skills to help others and have their opinions and choices respected.

  • Should be treated as equals in their community by joining in with events, using local facilities and making friends

  • Will have their education planned around their interests and strengths

  • Will have meaningful and achievable goals that are agreed wherever possible by the child, parents/carers, school staff and relevant professionals

  • Will have an education programme that will adapt and evolve with their changing needs, aspirations and interests.

Our school

Mackworth House is a mixed gender specialist day school that provides education and care for children and young people with autism.  Our school is for students aged between 6 and 19. 

Our pupils

All students who are placed at Mackworth House School will have a diagnosis of autism and this will be written into their Education, Health Care Plan (EHCP). Students may be verbal or pre-verbal and will require help with developing communication, self-management and making choices. Students can join the school from the age of six and may stay with us until the age of nineteen.

Our staff

Our highly dedicated, experienced and trained staff all work one to one (and two to one where appropriate) with each student to design, implement and review individual learning programmes. All staff members undergo a substantial training programme to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and techniques to provide an exciting, fun and motivating learning environment for all the youngsters at Mackworth House School.



Sharing good practice

At Mackworth House School we pride ourselves on the level of expertise and knowledge our staff team have regarding the challenges and difficulties faced by individuals on the autistic spectrum and the ability to identify their individual needs and develop appropriate interventions and curriculum pathways for them to thrive and develop their abilities to the full.

Our aim is to provide an effective and successful service for our students, their families and the wider local community; we have therefore developed a series of training events focussed on the autistic spectrum to raise awareness and provide support and guidance for all those working and living with autism.

At Mackworth House we work very closely with outside agencies to monitor and review the quality of our provision to enable us to constantly improve outcomes for our students.