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A Typical School Day

A Typical School Day at Mackworth House School

A typical day for a child at Mackworth House School will run according to a diary system which will use meaningful words, symbols or pictures.  This will not be a rigid system of lessons and mealtimes but a living diary built around the individual goals and preferences for each child.  This allows us to create a setting of enjoyment and learning that makes sense to the children, whilst including activities to help develop independence and coping strategies to access different environments.

From the moment the children get to school, the Teaching and Learning team will be able to assist with communication, personal care, anxiety and organising what the day may bring.  Activities organised throughout the day will meet the requirements of the national curriculum but remain engaging and motivating for our children.  This could be using a bus to go to the swimming pool to go swimming (maths, english and geography) or using the sensory suite to interact and influence the environment.

We will constantly monitor how well the pupils engage in these activities, adjust as we go, set new goals and use the information that our pupils provide to find better ways of teaching.